Kevin Gates Found Guilty of Battery After Kicking Woman at Florida Concert

Kevin Gates was found guilty to battery in Polk County, Florida, on Wednesday (Oct. 26) after he was seen kicking a female fan during a concert in the city of Lakeland last year.

The judge sentenced Gates to 180 days in Polk County jail, with credit for any time served, and fines and court costs, WFLA reports. He was convicted by a jury of six women after one day of testimony.

Miranda Dixon, 18, admitted to having tugged on Gates’ pants during the concert at Rumor’s Nite Club on Aug. 28, 2015. She said during the trail, “I was trying to get his attention for my friend.”

Dixon’s friend Teremal Redding testified as well, saying she had asked Dixon to grab Gates to get his attention “because he is a famous rapper.” She said that the entire front row had been grabbing at Gates and that the first time Dixon grabbed him, he kept performing, but the second time he got violent, kicking her with force.

Gates’ defense attorney Jose Baez cross-examined Redding about Dixon’s injuries, pointing out that Redding had stayed for the rest of the show after her friend left following the incident.

In a previous hearing, Gates admitted to kicking a fan during the show and used the Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law in attempt to have the charges dropped.

“I kicked them, I wanted them off me,” he said during the previous hearing.

Rumor’s Nightclub head of security Joe Hailey testified during the trial that Gates’ security team had not made any special requests for additional security or any barricade between the stage and the crowd for the concert. He said there were about 20 security guards working that night and that there was room for Gates to back up on stage if he did not want to be touched.



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