Issa Rae Shares What’s Next For The Characters On ‘Insecure’

If you’ve yet to catch up on the last episode of Insecure, do not proceed to read the rest of this article. If you have, and your group chats are full of theories, then allow creator Issa Rae to add to your notions. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 31-year-old visionary displayed her plans for the status of a few central characters in season two, beginning with her on-screen counterpart, Lawrence (played by Jay Ellis).

Rae described the atmosphere of her character and Lawrence’s heated argument after she confessed that she cheated on him with her past crush, Daniel, stating that “fight scene was brutal,” and began the shooting day by filming that scene of the episode first.

“It felt like I truly crushed his soul in every take and he was just soooo great at conveying that hurt and betrayal, that the tears came easily for me… that is until take 10, where I did the last wall slide and told Kevin (our director) that I had run out of tears,” she said. The future of Issa and Lawrence will also see them walking down separate paths while their now-defunct relationship hangs in the balance. “I think this next season will see her start to ask more introspective questions,” she said. “I think the break up will hit both Lawrence and Issa pretty hard and I think break-ups are rarely ever clean, especially for couples who lived together. So we know that Lawrence won’t be completely out of her life forever.”

Part of season two will also place a lens on how Molly and Issa navigate the single terrain, and how their friendship will be repaired from their blow up in episode seven.

“This was something that continued to silently stew for both of them as they watched each other’s actions play out over the season, and so it felt natural to have it all boil over during a moment where they were both at lows,” she said. “I think only your real friends can tell you the truth in a way that cuts deep, but that you need to hear and, in this case, they were both triggered with the truth and lashed out with low blows. We always knew that it would hurt to have them fight, but their friendship is so strong that it could withstand a little hard truth. They’re not frenemies; they actually need each other and they love each other — so we knew they’d make up.”

Details on season two’s premiere date are still forthcoming, especially since viewers are still coming to terms with the finale.


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